What's new in The Print Shop® 3 for Mac? Plenty!

In this new academic edition of The Print Shop for Mac, we think we
have made the perfect creation tools for students young and old!

Laying out your project is truly
a snap with Smart Snapping.

Spin a word spiral with
our new Circle Text
tool ... it's so much
fun, you might never
type in a straight line again.

Get in touch with your
crafty side with our
newest project type,
with colorful
templates from
bookmarks and
garlands, to gift
bags and party hats.

Make 12-month
flip calendars with
faces of the
birthday boy
or girl taken
directly from

Amazing new artistic effects can transform even the most humble snapshot into something rather extraordinary.

The new "tilt-shift" effect uses depth of field
tricks that can turn an ordinary town into a toy village.

QR codes on your
invitations let your
guests scan
your party
info into
their mobile

Place a single photo inside a headline making it into a word picture!

Three handy new
cropping tools include the inside
out crop that lets you cut holes in
graphics (rather
than just around
their edges) so
you can make,
say, a photo
frame out of an
airplane picture!

Our artists have been busy creating great looking new quick start templates for every project type, from calendars to newsletters and crafts.

We've added thousands of new images
and edited the collection to be
appropriate for schools. So while you'll
find lots gorgeous new photos of
faraway places, you won't find any
shots of grownup
drinks, junk food,
or encounters
of the

We've crafted a beautifully upgraded
interface that we think will surprise
and delight current users. Most effects
now happen "live" on the design desk
(no more popup windows) – including
shadows, glow, color and texture, and
various special effects. And you will
find lots of handy touches like a palette
launcher in the bottom toolbar that
makes it easy to find what
you're looking for.

The Print Shop is a registered trademark of HMH Consumer Company Limited.